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What is the Old Everett Neighborhood Association?

Old Everett Neighborhood

The Old Everett Neighborhood Association (OENA) is a State of Michigan-registered nonprofit corporation dedicated to bringing citizens together to promote and support activities helpful to the neighborhood and to encourage unity among neighbors, neighborhood organizations, businesses, and governmental bodies.

Our association consists of all residents who live within the area encompassed by Greenlawn Avenue to the North, the railroad tracks to the East, Jolly Road to the South, and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Holmes Road and South Washington Avenue to the West and/or interested immediate neighbors. 

This area once made up the Everett District, which didn't become a part of the city of Lansing until 1948.

Our neighborhood has many churches, hospitals, hyper-local neighborhood organizations, and several schools that are a part of the Lansing School District. We're a suburban environment in an urban location. 

When does the association meet?
The OENA has two types of meetings: Community and Public Safety. On odd months, the association gets together to discuss public safety issues. On even months, the association meets and brainstorms about community projects. Regardless of the type of meeting, neighbors meet the second Wednesday of each month. Check out the home page for specific dates. 

Where does the association meet?
The OENA meets in the Education Center on the campus of McLaren-Greater Lansing. This building is at the corner of Greenlawn and South Washington Avenue. 

Who can attend?
All residents in the adjacent communities can attend. Everyone in the neighborhood can vote on issues. Meetings follow parliamentary procedure and follow "Robert's Rules, Newly Revised." 

Who is on the board?
The following Old Everett Area neighbors are on the board of the OENA: 

Kirk Hewitt

Denise Backlund
Vice President

Misty Ward
Recording Secretary

Mary Fuhrman
Corresponding Secretary

Emly Horne

Sam Brewster

Betty Coy

Vic Shaw